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About Us

It was a meeting of minds and ideas that began as a casual discussion amongst acquaintances. The lady who brought us together to find such synergy has since gained the moniker “Lady Luck”. We all came from different backgrounds but with just one thing in common. The passion to reimagine and reinvent the learning landscape of the modern learner. We all agreed that the modern learner was someone who had the luxury of easy access to information without the advantage of a focused approach.  So, we decided to focus our collective energies to build easy-to-use technology platforms that would empower learners in all facets of their life – from the college student to the seasoned executive.

It was indeed fortuitous that we had all the ingredients to give life to our collective vision. We had experts in education, technology, analytics, leadership training, multinational finance management, organizational planning, business process reengineering and IT implementation within our small group. The result of this powerful partnership is demonstrated with the veracity and diversity of the products we’ve launched till date.


To become a pathbreaking data and technology driven platform, connecting the lifetime needs of an individual for learning, mentorship and employment.


To create innovative learning experiences with contextual and personalised recommendations that drive discovery. To design products that inspire, engage and delight our users, directing them to finely tailored solutions for every skilling and learning need.

The EdSanta Culture

Over the years, we’ve evolved into a team of peers connected  by an ambitious vision to revolutionize the way the world perceives the sharing and distribution of knowledge. We are a bunch of passionate folks having fun building something bigger than ourselves. We value diligence and foster a collaborative environment to help produce inventive offerings.

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