Best E-Learning Resources for Hospitality & Tourism

A career in tourism and hospitality focuses on providing services to travelers and tourists.

Individuals studying tourism and hospitality learn how to provide the best service possible to guests. Hotel Management Colleges or Travel and Tourism Management Colleges  

Using online courses in tourism and hotel management, students can learn from the comfort of their homes. 

What to look for in a good course on travel and tourism management. 

While a Google search will yield various results for courses, it is up to you to evaluate them and choose what suits you best. Here’s a listing of the broad curriculum that you should look for before hitting the sign-up button.

  • Definition of Tourism 

  • Development of Tourism

  • Various Global Tourist Destinations

  • The Tourism Product from different perspectives

  • An overview of the Tourism Industry

  • Economic Issues in Tourism

  • Socio-cultural and Environmental Impact of tourism

  • Tour Planning

  • Understanding Alternative Tourism

  • Handling information related to guests 

  • An overview of a Tourism focused Business

What to look for in a good course on hospitality

Hospitality can be divided into a few major branches. These are food,  non-food, and the latest segment in hospitality – healthcare services. You can choose according to your strengths. You can also choose to do comprehensive training in hospitality covering all aspects. Let us take a look at what a comprehensive hospitality curriculum should look like. 

  • Understanding the unique characteristics of service businesses 

  • Learn successful management strategies to manage customers in such a way as to get desired business outcomes, 

  • Understanding customer expectations and perceptions.

  • Understanding the process of balancing supply and demand in the hospitality industry

  • Designing customized marketing and management strategies for this unique market.

  • Understanding the unique characteristics of the healthcare industry with a focus on customer experience. 

  • Studying innovative approaches in the service industry with a focus on hospitality and health

  • Food-related information: Standards, safety, and global cuisines. 

Log on to Get Me A Course or elitelearning.io and look up courses on hospitality and tourism. Crosscheck with our listing of important curriculum aspects to decide which course to take. Happy learning!