If you want to know how you can effectively market your massive open online course (MOOC), then you have come to the right place. Did you know that when MOOCs were not as common and popular as they are now, and all that course creator did was load them onto a platform, they were lapped up by subscribers? Nowadays it is not that simple. Course creators have to use various digital marketing methods to connect with the right audience, or find someone to do all this for them. Either you do it yourself or get it done, it would serve you well to know what these methods are.

Search Engine Optimization

In this method the keywords from the title of the course or keywords from the entire content when looked up in a search engine divert web traffic to your course. Thus, making people aware of your course. You can use Google analytics & Google search console tools to find which keywords to target. You must have an updated site map. Also, see to it that your website is mobile-friendly. Or, you can use the services of an aggregator such as elitelearning.io

Social Media

You can use various forms of social media to advertise your course. Create a Facebook page or use Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can use YouTube also for effective marketing. Do ensure that you have a clear description of your course and that the links to your course work well.


You can talk about your course using regularly updated blogs. Talk about what it offers, the course structure and any other interesting information about it. This will help potential learners get an overview of the course. Make it a point to put up a free-to-access introductory video giving them a visual taster of the course before they sign up for the actual course.


You can reach out to many people through emails highlighting important features of your course. Make sure to include a link to your introductory video which can help convert visitors to learners.

Affiliate Marketing

You can collaborate with other trainers who have complementary courses. They can teach a lesson or two about your course. This way their subscribers also become aware about your course.

Lead Generation

You can convert visitors to your blog into subscribers by offering value-adds such as e-books and relevant blogs. Create links to such offerings and place them strategically.

Ask for Reviews

You can have a review section. People who have gone through your video can write a review or leave comments about what they think about the course. Others who read this become aware about your course. And of course, you can take constructive feedback, if any, and improve your course material accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these suggestions.