Everyone aspires to an aesthetic space be it for living or work, especially in urban spaces. With many people moving into cities, the surge in urban living and working spaces has created a huge opportunity for artistic minds to make a career out of this growing need.

Keeping in tune with millennials’ need for MOOCs, in all disciplines, several universities/institutes provide online courses for interior design.

Most learning platforms have both free and paid courses. The major difference between the free and the paid course is the certification. If you intend to use the certification as an enabler for the next step in your career, then a paid course is the option.

On the other hand, if you are pursuing a course to improve your knowledge on the subject, then a trial course could be sufficient. Most online courses would require you to put in at least three hours of learning every week.

Here are some options that you may consider for upskilling in the field.


The interior design courses at Udemy help you with different elements of designing such as the use of colors, lights, and different architecture design tools, etc., to design your dream space.

Generally, the courses are offered by specialists or practitioners in this field rather than by universities. The courses are packed with video recordings, a few live sessions, and downloadable resources. Choose from various options and combinations to arrive at a suitable duration, and expertise level. Some of the courses are for all levels and could be generic in nature.


This course not only teaches you how to work with decorating schemes, but also to focus on the aspects of pricing contracts and dealing with the clients. The course is approved by the Design Society of America.

Other courses that can be explored are as follows. These courses will help you hone your skills in various facets of design.