Human Resources is the community that listens to all kinds of grievances that arise in any workplace. There are seven primary functions of human resources, which are:

  • Strategic Management: It is a management technique that focuses on the future of the company. Keeping the organization’s long term plan in view, it is essential to plan out long-term strategies. These long term strategies are covered under Strategic Management.
  • Planning of Workforce and Employment (Selection and Recruitment): Yet another prospect that adds to the future benefits of the company. Also responsible for the selection and recruitment of employees within the organization.
  • Human Resource Development (training and development): The HR body is also responsible for keeping the employees lively at their workspace. It is their duty to ensure maximum work effort from their side, eventually beneficial for the organization. Employee training and skill development is the responsibility of HR.
  • Rewards (Compensations and Benefits): The overall compensation covered and much more in terms of regular pay, bonuses, and other compensation related policies for all employees falls under the purview of HR.
  • Formation of Policy: It is under the HR guidance that policy is formulated. The HR Team is expected to develop policies that do not violate any laws, and make sure all sentiments are respected.
    Employee and Labour
  • Relations: It is the HR’s responsibility to make sure that no issues arise between the employees, which might affect the overall work.
  • Managing Risks: The responsibility of handling any threat to the organization’s capital or earnings is of the HR Team.

After taking a look at Human Resources, let’s move on to career counseling and understand what a career is. Career is the occupation you take up for a good period of your life with areas of improvement and development. It often comprises the job done, the titles received, and work goals accomplished over time. Some dream of a career and call it successful only when they can be happy about their work. Success is relative but is a genuine concept. Career Counseling is a form of guidance that can help you understand all such aspects about a career.

Career counselors are responsible for guiding students on their career path. Counselors introduce students to an array of suitable career options.