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Base Price ₹0/ month ₹1499/ month ₹2599/ month
Per-User Cost ₹0/ month ₹99/ month ₹199/ month
Number of Employees Limited
(Up to 5 members)
Add-On Option
(per feature)
₹25/ month
Skills Mapping for Job titles
Customized Job Titles and skills
Skills access
  Content Access
Free Courses
Paid Courses
  Knowledge Bubble
Curated Content from top
influencers & sources
Create your own reading list
Share or assign content with
colleagues or team
  Skill Tests & Validation
Daily/Weekly Skills Quizzes
Skill Validation Proctored Test
  Reward & Appreciations
Achievers Gallary
Reward Points and Redemptions
Paid Course Redemption
Using Reward Points
Skill Validation Proctored Test
  Personalised Learning
Daily Knowledge Bytes
Weekly/Monthly Performance Report
Super Search
Maximum skills that can be added 10 Unlimited Unlimited
  Admin Portal
Company Report
User Level Report
Bulk Invite Users
Support for multiple users
Ability to upload content
Learning & Skilling Report
Linking in-house courses
Linking Learning
Management System
Linking HRMS*
Mobile app for
employees & managers
Support and Handholding
Dedicated Learning
Specialist for Admin
Dedicated Virtual L&D
Single sign-on (SAML)
Email Support
Chart Support
  Excel Import & Export
Extensive Excel
import & export facility
Addition Customization At Cost At Cost

"Our teams started using Elite with minimal training. Users immediately saw the benefit to themselves, the team and the company. The platform is intuitive and easy to use."

Vikas Mangla Founder & CEO Digital ROI

“Internal adoption of the platform was a breeze as the signing up process is so simple and easy. The daily learning bites make the user want to learn.”

Rajesh Gurram MD, Perfect Relations

“The product is very well curated with a lot of attention to detail. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. The ‘feed; feature makes it excellent for a quick read.”

Shrai Pradhan CEO, The Wise Blend Production

"Elite was easy for us to use from the start. The team took to it immediately and has been responding well to the personalised learning paths offered by the platform.

Padmaja Narsipur Founder & CEO, ClearlyBlue

“It is indeed one of the most progressive decisions to associate with Elite Workplace. The team has been diligent in their proactive approach”

George Nathaniel MD & CEO, Akeria Software Solutions

    Pricing FAQs

    • When you sign up for free trial, you get exclusive access to a Elite account with full features. No billing for the first 7 days. You will receive email before your trial expires. To continue with Elite for workplace, you have to select a plan, share some basic data, and agree to pay the subscription charges.
    • Yes. Elite is a pay per use service and you have the flexibility to change your plan when you wish to do so.

    No. One of the biggest benefits of cloud software is that you can discontinue using the product whenever you want.There are no long term commitments or the need for large, upfront capital investment.

    • Yes you can avail the option of annual subscription plan. Your subscription will be based on the existing plan and number of users for a period of 12 months. If there is change in the plan or the number of users, the changes will be reflected in the billing. Ask your account manager for a free month for Annual Plan. 

    There is no cancellation fee or lock-in period on any of our plans. However if you have availed an annual subscription plan the remaining credit will not be refunded if you discontinue using Elite.

    Elite offers flexibility in payment options as online (Credit/Debit/Net Banking) within Elite using My Account. For any form of offline payments please contact us at

    It is your data and it is all yours. You can access your data anytime at just a click of the button. You can also export all the information at anytime irrespective of your plan.

    We have implemented strong security policies to protect your data. Physical access to the servers is secured through multiple levels of access control. Our multi-tenancy architecture ensures complete isolation of customer data from other customers to avoid data leakage. Strong user access and password policies are enforced to ensure that your data is safe. Please reffer the terms and conditions for more information about data safety. 

    If you haven’t purchased Elite before the trial ends, and you need a little more time to complete your evaluation, just let us know. We’re happy to extend to your trial.