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Get Me A Course

Optimize your search for the best courses with the world’s largest course aggregator.

Our data-driven platform helps global learners find courses that best serves their needs. With over 300,000 courses to choose from about 7000 global providers, it is a data-driven product focused on helping individuals access their ideal courses and make learning easy..

Elite for Individuals

Discover your potential with our AI-powered smart recommendation engine which will chart a skill map to your goal.

Map your skills and upskill with highly relevant learning resources such as courses, videos, articles, podcasts, webinars, mentors and a lot more.

Elite for Workplace

Reimagine and invigorate your workplace with our personalized learning platform that can be aligned to your company’s goals and your employees’ interests.

Subscribe to Elite for Workplace and gain access to cutting-edge learning tools that will keep your employee relevant and propel your company to success.

Elite for Campus

Empower your students with strategic and effective career guidance that suits their interests and ability.

Are your students truly geared for the workplace? What is the future of work that students need to prepare for? Help your students and alumni navigate a changing work landscape. Lifelong learning begins with you!


No More Discovery Problem for Global Trainers

Enhance the visibility of your course as a trainer and optimise your ad spend. Adsmart is a platform that assists thousands of professionals like you find their audiences easily!

Get Me A Guru

Expand your knowledge horizon by interacting with mentors with expertise in your chosen field.

Your search for a domain expert who has the time to invest in your growth stops here. Choose from and work with a mentor from your industry to sharpen your skills.

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