Programming languages that are trending

For a person who is new to the field of software development, The toughest part of learning programming is the dilemma of choosing the right course to start with. There are hundreds of computer programming languages to choose from. The person has to make an informed decision about which programming language to learn as each computer programming language has its complexities and peculiarities.

The success of your journey as a software developer lies in discovering which programming language to learn. The language selected will be key in deciding the direction of your career goals and interests.

In the following list below, we will go through the best and most in-demand programming languages used for web development, mobile development, game development, and more.

  1. JAVASCRIPT: JavaScript is undoubtedly the most used language in the world by developers. Every software developer needs to know this language at some point or another in his/her career. It is essential for front-end web development. Being the most used language in the world, companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube rely on JavaScript.
  2. SWIFT: Swift is highly recommended for people who have a lot of interest in Apple products. Apple has been using Swift since 2014 for developing iOS, macOS, and Linux applications.
  3. JAVA: Java is a universal programming language that is in use for the last 20 years. Java is the basis of developing an android operating system and android applications. It is suitable to use on any platform. This makes it cross-platform compatible.
  4. C++: C++ is an object-oriented and renowned language for developing higher-level applications. It is very successful in the fields of virtual reality, computer graphics, and video game development.
  5. PYTHON: Python is the most user-friendly language amongst all the other languages on the list. The syntax of Python is clear and almost English-like. This is why it is a trendy choice amongst beginners.
  6. PHP: PHP is a solid choice for web developers. It has been a vital back-end tool for tech-giants such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. It is prevalent and makes website development accessible to the masses.
  7. C#: C Sharp (C#) is a general and object-oriented language built on the grounds of C. Originally designed by Microsoft, it is used for creating Microsoft applications.

Therefore, a beginner can decide to start learning a particular language according to his/her preference from a sea of computer programming languages. Choosing the right language and practicing it is all that is needed to build a promising career path. I am sure can help you