MOOC was termed as a game-changer when it first came to be of existence. While many people believed it would change the face of traditional education, some argued that it was just a trend that would fade in a few years. Is it coming true? Although MOOCs have seen an increasing amount of dropouts, they need to return to their former glory. 

Some quick facts

The concept of MOOC has been around for some time now. The term MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses, was first used in 2008. It was used to mention a course offered by Canada’s University of Manitoba (Extension division). It was first termed to introduce the course on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CK08). The course was designed by Dave Cornier, George Siemens, and Stephen Downes. It was the start of a revolution. 

What’s wrong now?

Here are some reasons why MOOCs are not working anymore:

Some pointers to redefine MOOCs’ structure

Implementation of these suggestions may sound like a lot of effort.  However, if it helps restore popularity, the effort will be well worth it.