One of the first things any trainer or training company must do, for their courses to sell, is create their brand identity. Brand identity encompasses the colours, fonts and messaging that your brand will be known by. When done well, branding addresses your target learners in overt and subliminal ways. You will know your brand identity is successful when your customers are able to trust you and have confidence in you. 

What is a logo?

A logo is a visual identity that is attached to a company. It’s an aspect of the company’s brand for commercial purposes. It aids easy recognition by being unique. In essence, a logo symbolizes a business.

For e.g, McDonald’s logo, the “Golden Arches” is a stylised M. It has come to be associated with colour, fun and happiness. It is appealing to children and families worldwide.

A logo is considered to be good if it is unique, simple and it conveys the intended message. An outstanding logo is the result of a simple concept executed with great ideas. Spend some time on aspects such as font, colour, size, shape, to make sure your logo reflects your expectations. 

Logos can be classified with different types such as mascot, emblem, abstract mark, woodmark, combination mark, letter mark and  pictorial mark. Each logo gives the associated brand a different look and feel of its own. 

How to go about designing a logo?

  • Study your business to  help you decide the pattern, font, colour and other basic specifications.
  • Research successful businesses and their logos and understand the connection.
  • Jot down the key words, phrases and messages that you want your brand to be associated with.
  • Sketch and develop the logo design based on your research.
  • Try out online logo makers.
  • Or, hire a freelance designer to whom you can send your brief and sketches for a professional logo design.
  • Check the designer’s portfolio and see if their style matches your requirements before hiring.

Design principles for an exceptional logo

When designing your logo, keep it:

  • Simple, to make the logo easily recognizable and memorable
  • Appropriate for the business and intended audience
  • Memorable

Your logo should showcase your brand’s history, market goals and targets. Tall order, but highly doable, as has been proven time and again!