Best e-learning courses for AP Computer Science A

Computer Science includes software development, software design, software theory, and software application. One of the core areas of study in computer science is different programming languages. Languages like Java and APL are widespread and significant. 

AP Computer Science A or Advanced Placement Computer Science A is a course related to Java which is an essential language in computer science. The main emphasis of this computer science course is on problem-solving and algorithm development. The methodology used in this course is object-oriented programming. 

The computer science subjects covered under the AP Computer Science A course are:

  • Program Design

  • Class Design

  • Program Implementation

  • Program Analysis

  • Standard Data Structures

  • Standard Algorithms

  • Context Computing

A student should understand all these computer science subjects well to qualify as an AP Computer Science Programmer. A student should know about the language from the basics to understand the complexities associated with it. Students should have high proficiency in the language to be able to learn new technologies faster and better. 

There should be an in-depth analysis of the course structure and the key takeaways. Students should always go for a course which is accredited and suggested by some top companies and universities. Such courses promise brand value and safe jobs to individuals. 

The skills that the individuals will learn from the AP Computer Science course are:

  • Designing a program

  • Developing algorithms

  • Writing codes to implement the algorithms

  • Testing program codes

  • Correcting errors in the code

  • Documenting and explaining the running of the code 

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