Best Online Machine Learning Courses

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning- two of its subsets- started gaining wide applications. Institutions offer online courses in machine learning and deep learning. Although some of these courses are free to audit, others require a fee. Even the free courses require a fee for the certificate of completion.

Some of the best online machine learning courses have been listed below.

  • Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng

This course covers machine learning basics and advanced topics as well. Google Brain’s founder Andrew Ng, teaches this course. You can audit this course for free, but a fee is required to obtain the certification of completion. Stanford University provides accreditation for this course. This is one of the best machine learning courses available.


  • Machine Learning Course by Columbia University

If you are looking for a machine learning course that provides Ivy League-level education, look up this one. This free online course spans 12 weeks. At the end of this, you can opt for a certificate of completion. Columbia University provides certification for this course.


  • Machine Learning Course by Georgia Tech

This course is not for amateurs! If you possess some prior knowledge about machine learning, this course is the best option for you to go a step further. Like the other courses in this list, this machine learning course provided by Udacity is also free and makes use of several open-source software.


  • Online Machine Learning Course by Fast.ai

A plethora of courses on machine learning and AI are offered by Fast.ai, which range from beginner to expert level. These free online courses are self-paced and cover a wide range of topics. 


  • Courses on Machine Learning by Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves, and the SuperDataScience Team

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R is one of the several great courses on machine learning available online. 


  • Online Machine Learning Course by California Institute of Technology

This free, online course spans ten weeks and is self-paced. If you are looking for courses offered by reputed institutes, this course should be one of your choices as the California Institute of Technology provides it. This is one of the best machine learning courses available.


The list of online machine learning courses is practically endless. This list features some of the best opportunities that are available online and can be your next stepping stone in the direction of machine learning. Check out these and more options at elitelearning.io