The Elite Advantage

There’s a whole lot for you on the Elite platform - especially if you’re a client of CoWrks. Your employees enjoy a personalized Elite membership although they share a workspace. Here’s a glimpse at what’s in it for you…

Cultivate a sense of community

Encourage employees to share and compete. Elite’s Achievers’ Gallery posts the top learners in a month and allows you to appreciate them. Members can share their favourite learning content with other members within the company. All this while ensuring your employees’ information is not shared with any other company.

Upskill and Reskill to bridge the skill gap

Change Your Work Landscape The Elite Way

Improve Employee Engagement

Personalised learning paths to boost employee engagement. Identify potential leaders and nurture them with Elite’s targeted resources.

Map Training to Company

Focus on training based on employee skill analytics and your future needs. Align free & relevant learning resources with AI-powered analytics.

Validate Employee's Skills

Enjoy the flexibility to validate an employee’s skills with Elite’s assessment. Map performance reviews to learning initiatives.

Accelerate your learning

Who said you could only learn through structured courses?
Elite gives you the choice to learn any skill through videos, podcasts, webinars, articles and of course conventional courses.

Grow with social learning

Make use of Elite’s Connect – a platform that allows you to share and grow your skills with peers and experts in the field.
Learning has never been so easy!

Get personalized learning

Ever wished for a personal trainer to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your professional goals? Elite brings you your very own personal skilling advisor. He will bully you and cheer you on till you reach your goal.

Be in step with changing workplace needs. Get Elite for your team. Future proof your workforce with access to engaging and motivating learning paths.

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