Game Development Basics

Game design may sound fun, but it is one of the hardest things to master. A game designer has to consider animation, art, math, physics, input, shaders, rendering, and countless other tasks that presumably seem like they are in no way connected to the daily job of building services, business apps, or websites.

So, what are the differences between app development and game development?

Both require similar knowledge of coding, but coding games is more complicated than coding apps. The first difference between the two is the development environment. The app development environment is pretty specialized; the same goes for coding games. The coding for apps can be done in any editor while games require specific video game software such as Unreal, Visual, or Unity Studios. Game designing is like website development but with more mathematical coding.

Getting started with Game development

If you are aware of coding, you can develop a game. So, let’s consider how to code. The best way to start is to take up game development courses or game design courses. Game development courses include coding for those who are early beginners. 

The usual recommendation for game designing and development is to start slow and aim low. Pick an app from the mobile app store and make creative changes to it. 2D games such as Mario or Flappy Birds are best for practicing game development skills at the beginning. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the video game software, editor, discover new elements, and you will realize only little coding is required.  

Another skill you can practice through programming games is learning how to develop something that switches between platforms. This skill is essential because the more platforms your app is in, the more relevant your work is. Unity is one of the few game engines which allows a game developer to switch between platforms like Windows and Mac.  

You must be thinking that 2D games are outdated and no one plays those anymore. But, there’s a specific reason behind it. A 2D game is not much different from a 3D one. The difference is rendering. The transition development in engines like Unity is practically seamless. You can hit a button, and your 2D switches to 3D render.  

Game design is a valuable skills to have, even for App builders. Once you are done with your first 2D game, you will most likely get hooked, and perhaps make something special. Just get building!