Even though logos seem to appear as small and irrelevant images, they logos signify a lot about a company. Choosing or creating a good logo is crucial for the future of the company as it’s the most recognizable representation of the company.

Which one did you find attractive? Which name made more relevance? Google, indeed! Google has a combination of 4 primary colors in nature, while Bing is monochrome. As one can see, it’s all about tricking customers’ minds into the world of attention-grabbing logos. And guess what, Google is hands down the most popular search engine.

Before we get into how to gather information for logo preparation, we need to know what information we initially need for creating a good logo.

  1. Get to know about the name and background of the client’s company — research about its industry, history, and potential competitors.
  2. Making an eye-catching logo requires it to be appealing and unique. Established logo making companies believe that a simple logo allows easy recognition and makes it more versatile.
  3. A logo for a promising company must last for years to come. Most companies prefer not to change their logos repeatedly as it confuses customers.
  4. Learn from other logo making companies. By acknowledging other companies’ designs, you can achieve ideas for your future projects.
  5. Try to make multiple logos as there is a probability of facing rejection or failure to please the buyer.

How to gather essential information for logo designing?

Your design process should start with mind-mapping. Take the word “associated” with the logo, then “associated” with the company. Try to visualize and sketch some samples based on your visualization. For example, your client company name is “pyro invest.” Analyzing the company’s name, we can understand that pyro is just a catchy term while the company is related to investment businesses. We can take inspiration from a blazing fire, burning matchstick, the Sun, or other sources of light for our logo preparation. After the completion of the logo, add the word “PYRO INVEST” or “INVEST” in a suitable position.

These logo designing tips may help you understand the theory, but the real magic lies in your creativity. It’s not necessary to follow what others do. Rules are meant to be broken. Explore, sketch, and create!

Go ahead and design a logo appropriate for the e-learning course you are creating. Remember, it has to be something that will lodge itself in your learners’ minds. Check out the logos of some courses at elitelearning.io for inspiration.