“ A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lessons.” – John Henrik Clarke

Impactful student learning experiences are at the core of any e-learning course. Let us see how this is done.

Have Your Own Website For Introduction

Your profile as a trainer is important. Create a website with a brief about your credentials and link it to the main course portal. The profile should highlight why you are qualified as a trainer for the course. Use this space to give details about your upcoming courses.

Structure Your Course Modules

Organize your course into structured modules. Provide a short description about the course and details about the minimum time required by a student to complete the course. Make it possible for students to pick up the course from the same point if they take a break during the course. Create quizzes and assignments for students to check their understanding.

Reduce Lesson Timings

Short attention spans are the bane of our times. So, divide your course into short duration videos. Don’t overload your students. Pace your course well. Give students an option to skip sections that are meant for slower learners/ learners who need to brief on the basics.

Create for a Forum Student Discussions And Feedback

Ensure that there is a forum for students to discuss course-related topics about the course with other students and most importantly with the instructor. This will help them clear their doubts.

We Hope that these pointers will help you finetune your course and provide students with an enriching learning experience.