In this argumentative era, AI (artificial intelligence) has turned out to be an incredible tool for humans. It’s been increasingly popular in every field of industry. It’s not just science fiction anymore; it is now a part of our reality.

As the demands of the AI is ever-increasing, so is the competition for making a better and advanced AI programming. But a company’s first impression isn’t caused by the products presented, but the face of the company, which is the name and logo, followed by the company’s motto. So, Henceforth, making a unique yet attractive logo in such a heavily competitive industrial market is quite essential.

How to design a logo specific to the AI industry?

Make sure to research the background and priorities of the client’s company. If the company focuses on making AI for mobile phones, your logo can be related to phones. The same goes for any AI company. As AI has a vast application, the inspiration for logo making companies is limitless. You can stick with the classic robotic face, brain with digital neurons or wire or a bulb with neural networks all around it.

As mentioned above, AI has its foot in every industrial sector. So, what about the designing industry itself?

Well, it’s already happening! AI’s are smart enough to design logos for other companies. Logo making companies are facing difficulty because AI programmed logos are cheap and reliable for their uniqueness. The insignia maker or emblem builder applications can be made use of for generating thousands of recommended logos in a matter of seconds!

The only thin line between an AI and humans are that humans have creativity and are not bound by any programming. Though it may just be a matter of time. Scientists are working on AI which can think like humans and make their own decisions befitting the work on hand.

Online logo builder applications online such as insignia maker and emblem builder are limited to pre-created logos.

Designers need not worry, though. It’s improbable for an AI to beat the superior thinking and creativity of humans shortly. But AI is surely capable enough to perform human work, such as writing an article. You never know, this article may be written by an AI!
While we wait for AI to come along and do everything for us, let us set to learning about AI. Which automatically points to the need for e-learning courses in AI, which in turn points to a need for logos for the course creators. You have several pointers given above. Go ahead and create a suitable logo for your AI course. Need some inspiration? Look at logos of multiple AI courses at