When you hear the word ‘Apple’, you would most probably think of Apple products and not the fruit. The word Amazon, brings the e-commerce giant to mind rather than the rainforests of South America. Google is now a verb, ubiquitous with finding information. That is what powerful branding can do! Recognition of these brands is reinforced by the visual elements in the logos of these brands – their color, shape and styling.

A successful brand defines a company. It instantly brings to mind what the company is about, what it offers, and the experience the users gain out of it.

So it goes without saying that branding is a must for any product or service. Yes, online courses too!

Here are a few tips to make an impact, with your brand, on the minds of the users.

1. Define your audience

Only when you define your audience will you understand their aspirations. This in turn will help you choose elements that appeal to them. These elements may be for your brand’s logo or for your actual course structure or content.

2. Use the right colors

Use appropriate color combinations for your brand, neither too many, nor too few. Neither loud, nor boring. They should be attractive without being distracting.

3. Use consistent text design

Even with all the visual and interactive elements in online courses, text does play quite a crucial part. Decide on a suitable font, size and color for your text and maintain consistency throughout the course. The font must be easy to read, and must be available on all browsers and devices.

4. Use suitable images

The images you use must reflect the content of the course. An online course on art must have images of paintings, sketches, colors, and art related tools and so on.

5. Use your brand colors adequately

All elements of your course should relate visually to your brand’s colors. So do maintain consistency in all the design aspects of your course.

6. Leverage social media to popularize your brand

Maximum visibility of your branding elements will help your target audience recall your brand. So, make sure you use social media to put your brand out there for everyone, especially your target audience, to see.