Training the leaders of tomorrow is not an easy task. Leaders have a huge impact on the entirety of an organization and play a crucial role in the growth of the organization, driving innovation, and creation of productive, loyal and inspired teams.

While many are born leaders, many others require leadership and management training programs that help fill the skill gaps that will equip them to build a cohesive atmosphere in which both the organization and their employees thrive.

Well, there are umpteen leadership and management courses available online that promise to do just this but the ones that are really successful are few. What then, is missing in such programs. What are the essential elements of a successful leadership and management course?

Let’s find out.

  • Mentoring vs. Teaching – This is a crucial factor for the success of any leadership –program. Practice mentoring. What is required here is more than a basic management skills program. Train the leaders to lead others.
  • Experienced Leaders as Instructors – The instructor of a good leadership and management course must themselves be experienced leaders and managers with extraordinary interpersonal and instruction skills and an exceedingly great emotional intelligence.
  • Restrict to the ‘Real World’ – Structure your course in such a way that is related to the workaday, real world. Do not make it academic and abstract. Keep in mind that your audience is not fresh out of college, but are experienced professionals. So, present information that is practical and relevant to make an impact. Use real-world scenarios that they might face in their workplace. Equip them with skills that would help them deal with such scenarios and situations.
  • Address multiple learning methods – Develop a multimedia training course that would serve the audience with different learning styles. After all, each person has a different learning style! Make the course more interactive and fun.
  • Provide continued support – Be with your audience in their leadership journey. Provide any support required post completion of the program.
You are about to mould a whole new generation of leaders and managers. Wishing you the best with your course!