The AGES model for adult learning

Learning, in today’s world, has become an evolving process. With so many changes happening daily, it is necessary to keep up with the latest techniques to understand new things. The teacher plays a crucial part in making an entire generation educated.                                        

Now, the teachers must utilize effective methods of teaching like pedagogy, heutagogy, etc. to ensure proper learning. 

Pedagogy, the art of teaching children, gives the teacher the responsibility to make choices related to the learning theories. Hence, this is considered  teacher-directed instruction. This should be planned intelligently, keeping in mind the mental capacity of students, the curriculum’s requirements, the time allotted, and the resources provided. 

Furthermore, teachers should engage in proper heutagogy methods. Heutagogy relates to challenging traditional methods of teaching. The goal is to create an atmosphere wherein students can set their aims and learning techniques to ensure the attainment of these aims.

It is essential that the method of teaching changes with time. It should be well-adjusted to fit the students and not the other way around. There are many kinds of theories available related to learning and education.

The A.G.E.S model is one of the most popular ones and it works wonders for adult learning. A.G.E.S is short for Attention, Generation, Emotion, and Spacing.

·         Attention- The pedagogy style you pick should engage your students. Students should feel comfortable and stimulated at the same time. The teaching method employed should be able to hold their attention for a good period. 

·         Generation- The learning theories you choose to follow should help students understand better. They should be able to create images in their mind and relate it to what you teach them. To help them use multiple senses, you may use audios, videos, or presentations. This helps them retain information for longer durations, and learn to connect-the-dots. 

·         Emotions- If they associate an emotion with a topic, they’ll learn faster. Teachers can encourage positive emotions among students. Moreover, encouraging healthy competition helps students to do their best. 

·         Spacing- Dropping information on students is improper. There should be proper spacing in giving the knowledge to help them understand and retain topics. When students are made to learn too much in less time, it becomes a problem. Thus, it’s best to ensure spacing while teaching.

A.G.E.S was developed through neuroscience and is a successful method. This four-step model can change the way we teach and the way students learn. No wonder focusing on the right pedagogy is the need of the hour. A.G.E.S makes teaching easier and learning fun.

Students, whatever their age, are impressionable and their learning will stay with them forever. We need to make an effort to give them the best experience. Don’t delay dive into best experience at