Best Online Courses for Data Analytics

With the ever-advancing world, data analytics has become an essential part of career development. With the surge in popularity of data science, a multitude of online courses have come up to help anyone with a chance to enhance their data analytics skills.

To help you choose the best, the top 10 data science online courses are listed below: 

  • Data analysis and presentation skill course, the PwC specialization: This program is a perfect suit for people without a programming background. It consists of 5 courses such as problem-solving in Excel, project management, advanced Excel working, and business presentation in PowerPoint, along with data-driven decision-making skills.
  • Data Science Specialization: Consisting of 10 courses, including concepts of algorithms, statistics, and data science, it takes 43 weeks for completion. It also pays attention to R programming. This course is recommended for people with a programming background.
  • Big Data Specialization: 30 weeks are required to cover all the six courses under this topic. It focuses on the main aspects of big data, ranging from a basic introduction to processing and visual analytics.
  • Statistics with R: With five courses in total, the aim is to visualize and analyze data in R. This helps in creating reproducible data analytics reports, and understanding the statistical inference with specifics of Bayesian statistical inference.
  • EDX: Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science has nine courses in total, covering up the basics and advanced programming of data science. It involves the programming languages, Python and R, as well. It takes 56-58 weeks for completion.
  • Marketing Analytics: This program is classified into four courses: Marketing Measurement Strategy, Price and Promotion Analytics, Competitive Analytics & Marketing Segmentation, and Products, Distribution, and Sales. It takes at least 16 weeks to complete this course.
  • Big Data Fundamentals: The shortest data science online course of just 14 hours, this one comprises 3 courses that give you a brief introduction to Big data.
  • Advanced-Data Structures: As the name indicates, this is a broader spectrum comprising all different kinds of data structures. It covers all the types, starting from statistics to maps, geometric data structures, etc. It also focuses on the significant aspects of research in the data structure field.
  • Python: The course concentrates on the basics of the Python programming language. Knowledge of this language is crucial for data analytics.
  • Java-tutorial for complete beginners: Suitable for beginners with no prior knowledge or experience in programming. It provides the necessary training to learn basic Java.

Now that you know what specifics to look for, head for the listings at  to find a course that suits your needs.