Wanna pump up your project management skills? Identifying the best one from a hundred options is a pretty tough task.

Elitelearning.io is a wonderful platform where  you can find  a whopping 45,000 courses on PMP exam preparation. We’ve curated the top 5 courses specially for you. Almost all of these courses are from specialist trainers who have mastered project management and have worked on some terrific projects around the world. So without much ado, here’s the best of PMP training, curated by GMAC curators specially for you!

These are in no particular order. Some will assist you on the ladder to certification, and some will help hone your project management skills.

1.PMP® Exam Prep – Project Procurement Management By Casey Ayers

This course is highly engaging and very comprehensive. It’s self-paced and has 4 modules. It has a near perfect rating and an affordable cost.

2. Project Management: The Basics for Success by Rob Stone

This instructor-led course has got great reviews from past students. You will learn about various things from the role of high performance teams, the stages in a project cycle, monitoring project activities and assessing the progress of the project.

3. How to Prepare for Your PMP Exam by Cornelius Fichtner

This is a comprehensive program delivered by professional PMP trainer Cornelius Fichtner is a self-paced course containing 8 lessons.  The course aims to provide a basic understanding of project management and the PMP Exam.

4. Project Management for Business Professionals

This course by Ray Sheen, gives you real time experience on the mechanics of project management. The course, a tool-packed, practical one, is based on PMI’s standards.

5. PMP® Exam Prep:Detailed PMP Math by Sabri C

This course covers the theoretical concepts of project management in detail. The concepts covered in the course are well complemented with examples and real-life samples.